Help is designed to give you an easy browsing experience. With much flexibility in mind the site has some section you should know to make your stay with us fun and cost effective. Here are some items you might want to know about our site.

    Benefit we give

    • To bring all the best sales from different stores in to one location for easy access. This also saves you browsing time .
      We hand select products which hold greater saving to you. We check, compare and bring you the best deals.
    • We locate coupons from different stores to help you get more savings.
    • We make shopping fun as every product, banner and feature stores connect you directly to the relevant sale pages
    • Products on our site

    • Are categorized in many different sections and you can access them thorough the category menu, the Featured stores, and the banner links.
    • You can do store or product searches to locate items quickly.
    • You can directly go to the Featured stores links (bottom of the page) to go directly to the stores? sales, clearances or discounts pages.
    • You can also go directly to specific portion of the store using the side banners.
    • If you live outside the US, please make sure the store can ship internationally.
    • Stores

    • Have their own policy, so please read their policy carefully.
    • Most stores will ask you to create your account with them. That makes life easy for both to identify and to ship product quickly. Please check their policy carefully.
    • Typically, it is true that if you pick up different products from different stores each store will charge you independently.
    • Prices

    • We will do our best to display the correct prices at any time.
    • Stores can change their price at any time. We do not have any control on that. We will do our best to upload the latest price as quickly as possible.
    • Mostly the process to get the correct price uploaded could be as low as two hours to a max of 24 hours.
    • If you see incorrect price on our site, please drop us a line. We will do our best to correct the price as soon as possible.
    • When using our search tools

    • Be specific on your query to get more specific results.
    • Use singular words for more diverse results.
    • For Extra Help

    • Frequently Asked Questions.